Take Two #8: Why Video Game Movies Don’t Work

They just don’t. Find out why here.


Take Two #7: Nick Frost, Apple slag

Interviewing Nick Frost for The World’s End. I didn’t pick the headline.

Stuff meets Nick Frost, star of The World’s End: “I’m an Apple slag”

Take Two #6: The Rocketeer

Many moons ago, I wrote this little piece about one of my favourite films: The Rocketeer. The 30s-style pulp adventure wasn’t quite as successful as it could’ve been – opening opposite Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Terminator 2 will do that – but I love it all the same. Read about it here:

Movie Classics: The Rocketeer


Take 2 #5: Creating the hoverboard

Here’s a fun little interview I did with John Bell, who designed the hoverboard for Back to the Future Part II:

How I created… the hoverboard


Take Two #4: Making VFX Magic

I interviewed the visual effects gurus behind Pacific Rim and Casino Royale for this feature:

How to make a 250ft tall monster-fighting robot


Take Two #3: Short films for your lunch hour

My ongoing series of film writing features continues with…

Six Short Films to Watch in Your Lunch Hour

Annoyingly the embed for Sharon Colman’s Badgered isn’t working, so here it is.


Take Two #2: Why you should watch Film Noir

The second in my series of writings from the archives:

Why you should watch… Film Noir


Take Two #1: Why I love… The Terminator

I’m going through the archive and digging out some of my old film writings – where better to start than with the film that sparked my love of the movies?

Why I Love… The Terminator


Buzz Kill in FilmOneFest

Buzz Kill has been selected for FilmOneFest – the “celebration of the super-short film”. It’s playing on Saturday 16 July at the Atlantic Highlands Marina in New Jersey and will screen at other venues throughout the year. Or, if you can’t afford the flight, you can watch it here: