Alternative Christmas movies

Now that it’s December and we’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas, here’s one from the vaults – the 25 best alternative Christmas movies, according to (and compiled by me).

That means, of course, that it features my personal favourite Christmas movie, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang – which, as per my own Yuletide tradition, I shall be popping into the Blu-ray player this festive season.

Naturally, it also includes Batman Returns, which I’ve previously written extensively about here. Go see if your favourites made the list.

Alternative Christmas movies


Just Frank Sinatra exiting a helicopter, with a whiskey.

One of a number of candid photos taken by Yul Brynner when he wasn’t busy being the King of Siam or Westworld’s Gunslinger.

Plumbing Stanley Kubrick

In which sci-fi author Ian Watson discusses his time working with Stanley Kubrick on the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Kubrick died before he got the chance to direct the film; Steven Spielberg brought his own version to the screen some years later.

Among the many gems to be found in Watson’s memoir is this:

I had written a novel entitled Inquisitor set in the wacky far-future world of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000; he wanted a pre-publication printout right away.  “Who knows, Ian?” he mused.  “Maybe this is my next movie?”

Yes, we nearly got Stanley Kubrick’s Warhammer 40,000.

Plumbing Stanley Kubrick