Rocketeer Returns!

The Rocketeer

I wouldn’t ordinarily post movie news on here, but I am literally bouncing up and down with excitement – Disney’s planning to do a new Rocketeer film! The original is one of my favourite movies – here’s a piece I wrote on it for

Now, while Disney’s undoubtedly thinking of doing a reboot, I’d love to see the House of Mouse round up director Joe Johnston – who recently made Captain America: The First Avenger for Marvel – and make a direct sequel to the original film.

The principal roles would have to be recast, Superman Returns-style, if Disney were to make a 1930s or 1940s-set sequel. But I’d love to see a Rocketeer sequel that made good on the promise of the propaganda cartoon in the original film – Nazi Rocket-Men attacking the US of A!

Rocketeer Returns!


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