25 best movie remakes

25 best movie remakes ever

This week’s big Stuff.tv movie list feature, to which I contributed, is a run-through of the 25 best remakes ever. Remakes get a bit of a bad rap among film fans – it’s unimaginative, they say, or it’s an attempt to trade on name recognition.

Fair enough, I think. Hollywood’s a business, and if name recognition will get a few more bums on seats, then it’s all to the good. And to paraphrase Stephen King, the originals are still on your shelf.

If you add up all the movies produced in Hollywood in a year – and that includes the Cinemax skin-flicks and Asylum knock-offs and all the rest – and then look at the number of good films that come out of it, there are normally, what? Ten, twenty really good films or so? I reckon that the proportion of good remakes to bad remakes is about the same.

25 best movie remakes


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