Well, we have a new editor for Baby Steps – meeting up with my producer to discuss the new cut and then handing the raw footage over to the editor.

It’s weird doing this; I’ve always sat in throughout all the editing sessions for my other films, but it’ll be interesting to see what a fresh pair of eyes brings to the material.

Meanwhile, work progresses apace on entering A Stitch in Time into the festivals. We’re torn over whether or not to upload the film to YouTube; on the one hand it means that you have an easily-accessible copy kicking around to show to people with one handy URL, but it does rather bugger up the chances of it finding a distributor.
Sticking it on YouTube and marking it “Private” is a bit limiting, as only 25 people can be invited to it, and you have to tit around finding out the recipient’s YouTube ID.
Vimeo would seem to be a better option; its privacy settings are much more accessible, enabling you to stick a password on your video and send that to people. Plus you can block people from downloading it, though I’m sure that some clever person has worked out a way round that.
So, Vimeo it is, then. Only problem is that Stitch is 4GB, and you need to pony up $59.95 for the privilege of uploading more than 500MB. You get nothing for free in this world…