Oh, blog, how I’ve neglected you.

With Baby Steps entered into the Zone Horror Cut! competition in its two-minute form, it’s time to look ahead to what happens next. I’m reasonably happy with the two-minute version, but there are some shonky cuts in there, it could do with a proper spit-and-polish grade, and the music we used was cannibalised from A Stitch In Time (and thank heavens we decided to use spooky electronic music for that one, and not the jaunty acoustic stuff I’d originally had in mind…).

So we’re going to completely recut Baby Steps from the ground up, ignoring the two-minute time constraint, and create a more polished version to send out on the festival circuit.

It’s easy to let things like this slip, so we’ve decided, my producer and I, to impose some deadlines on ourselves. Deadlines are good, they force you to Get Things Done. So we’re looking to have the Extended Special Edition version of Baby Steps finished by the end of October/first week of November – and get the promotional work on Stitch properly underway in the same timeframe. Busy, busy!