Mad Props.

Pre-production progresses apace, with the morning spent meeting up with producer and cinematographer bods to sort out the shot list and schedule. I fail wretchedly at film schedules; I can stare blankly at a sheet of paper for a good ten minutes and fail to impose any order on it. Thankfully, producer Mr W was there to work out the timings – remembering, of course, to allocate time for the flatmates to wander through the set and get their breakfast. Steven Spielberg doesn’t have to deal with this – still, it is their house, so thanks guys!
Spent the rest of the day hunting down props in the Early Learning Centre and food to fuel the engine of the crew. Quite what I’m going to do with the electronic rattle, doll (“Share giggles with Baby Luke!”) and pirate wallpaper border I don’t know. Actually, maybe I’ll leave the pirate wallpaper up…

Zone Horror

Currently working on a short for the Zone Horror Cut! competition – we’ve sorted out cast, crew and location (okay, it’s my flat, but hey… that’s micro-budget film-making for you) and shoot on Monday! More to follow as the weekend’s pre-production advances…

Well, hello everyone.

This is OD on Films, where I shall be sharing my thoughts on movies and film-making, and hopefully prompt some fruitful discussions. I’m Stephen, I’ve directed a couple of short films and I’m currently gearing up for a micro-short about a zombie. We shoot next weekend, all things being well!

In my day job, I can be found writing Stuff about TV for a magazine.